Getting the message across. Students performed during the Greenovation launch on November 2001.

Updates on Greenovation highlights preparation
(27 May 2002)

Under the Education and Awards Committee, it was targeted that by December 2003, the first draft of the centennial book will be completed. The target publication date has been moved to 2007. It was also suggested that the book be made available in CD format. The writers agreed to come up with one book with three timelines to cover the periods 1911 to the War Years, after the War to 1972, and 1973-2003. A separate book about the District will also be written as part of the centennial book set.

The National Center for Teacher Education (NCTE) will be a joint project of DLSU-Manila and the Philippine District, with DLSU-Manila developing the program to training public and parochial school teachers nationwide. DLSU-Manila has sought the assistance of the District in identifying agencies and organizations, which can be approached for possible funding for this project. At the same time, a 1,669 m2 lot along Taft Avenue will be purchased to house the planned Center.

For the Education and Awards Committee’s planned publicity campaign, Mr. Kalaw suggested that the featuring of Lasallian Christian Achievers be integrated with the Alumni Association’s planned hosting of testimonial dinners for alumni in various industries. This can be an annual activity featuring alumni in different sectors.

On the Cultural Committee activites, Mr. Montet Acoymo will be asked to assist the Committee in working on the music for the centennial mass. The planned concert was suggested to be done in Manila with internet access for the other La Salle areas so as to have simultaneous presentations for viewing. The concert is proposed to be a history of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines through song and dance using the talents of our students and alumni. The LS2K can also be used as a venue for activities to build up to the 2011 celebration. Bro. Bernie will seek assistance for the recording of the Ode to De La Salle, commissioning of the centennial mass, and commissioning of the centennial sculpture.

From the Historical Committee, the DLSU system video is in its finalization stage. It was noted that the Post Office dictates the cost of commemorative stamps. It was further noted that while Philippine culture is not into philately, the stamps can be used by the University in its own mails. Overseas collectors can also be another market for this project. Some suggestions on the stamp design include the 9 Founding Brothers and the sites of the different campuses. The proposed tree-planting project will be coordinated among the District through the Center for Environmental Management, DLSU-Araneta under Dr. Oscar Bautista, and Dr. Eric Punzalan and the CDER. Relatedly, the Brother President announced that Secretary Alvarez has also offered a mountain in Marikina to be the site of the tree-planting project. Sister Teresa of JPC and Dr. Oscar Bautista will visit the proposed site. Information on the launching of Greenovation is already included in the DLSU System and DLSU Manila web sites. The ITC calls for updated information that can be included in the web site.

Mr. Henry Atayde distributed materials outlining information about the Bonds. The Bonds will be sold to the parents of our students and the alumni. Letters of offer will be distributed to parents of students in LSGH and Zobel. Bonds that are not bought by parents or alumni will then be offered to a bank or banks.