Getting the message across. Students performed during the Greenovation launch on November 2001.

La Salle prepares for more Greenovation highlights
(01 April 2002)

To keep the centennial spirit alive, the De La Salle University's Executive Committee of the Greenovation commemoration formed four committees that will take charge of organizing the 10-year programs and activities until 2011. These are the educational and awards, historical, cultural, and finance committees.

Now on its second phase, the educational and awards committee has commissioned Dr. Isagani Cruz of the International Studies Department, Dr. Cirilo Bautista, Dr. Marjorie Evasco, and Connie Maraan of the Department of Literature and Philippine Languages, and Vince Groyon III of the Communication Arts Department to write the centennial book.

Divided into four volumes, the book will cover the following periods: pre war (1911-1945), pre-university status (1946-1975), post university status (1976-present), and the fourth volume focusing on the Brothers and the Philippine District. The writing will be completed by December 2003. Printing of the centennial book is slated for 2007. The launching will be held in 2011.

Headed by Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC the historical committee is producing four commemorative projects for the centennial celebrations-CD-ROM showcasing a collection of alumni pictures from 1911 to May 2011, a video featuring the DLSU System, centennial commemorative stamps, and a tree planting and reforestation project.

On the other hand, the cultural committee, headed by Brother Bernard Oca, FSC is commissioning a centennial sculpture. In addition, the committee is recording an ode to La Salle with words written by Bautista and music composed by Lucresia Kasilag. The committee will also stage a Cirilo concert featuring cultural performances of various La Salle units.

Headed by Teresita Farrell, the finance committee will oversee disbursements and expenses of the projects and activities.

The four committees will prepare a yearly line-up of activities to observe the 10-year countdown to La Salle's centennial year. Greenovation emphasizes DLSU-Manila's innovation in various fields of learning through its academic programs and breakthrough researches.