Getting the message across. Students performed during the Greenovation launch on November 2001.

Updates on Greenovation highlights preparation
(27 August 2002)

It was reported that the purchase of the 1699m2 lot for the National Center for Teacher Education has already been completed. The plan for the building construction is ongoing. Possible donors are still to be identified.

From the Finance Committee, Mr. Kalaw reported that the bonds are still being evaluated by SEC. Meanwhile, it has been agreed that DLSU can market the bonds and accept reservations from the students of Zobel and Greenhills. BEACON reported that Metrobank has indicated readiness to buy while the bonds are being offered to two other banks. Mr. Atayde reported that circulars were issued to LSGH parents to indicate their interest in the bonds projects. The assistance of part-time tele-marketers will be sought to get faster feedback. The same package was sent to Bro. Jimmy for possible replication in Zobel. He further reported that the commissions, which the Greenhills Alumni Association will earn from the project, would be used for the Adult Night High School. A meeting will be set among BEACON, ICCP, Mrs. Farrell, Mr. Kalaw, and Mr. Atayde to discus pricing, commission schemes, and all other matters related to the project.

For the Historical Committee, Alburo presented the proposed flowchart for the CD-ROM presentation of all alumni, stressing the highlights of four periods in DLSU’s history. It was noted that the CD-ROM will include all the alumni from 1911 while the exhibit will feature only the milestones of each of the four periods of the University’s history. On the Centennial Commemorative Stamps Project, Ms. Alburo clarified that 50,000 is the total number of stamps, regardless of the number of designs, required by the Bureau of Posts. The projected cost of this project is P337,500.00. Two properties of the DLS-Araneta University have been identified as possible sites for the tree-planting project: the Doña Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan and Salicneta. While both properties have trees ready for cutting, DENR requires that a nursery first be available for the cut trees. On the other hand, the tree-planting site in Lipa is still in the exploratory state. Bro. Andrew pointed out that the System shall handle this project’s financial requirements.

The Communications and Documentations Committee reported that the DLSU web site will regularly incorporate updated information on Centennial related activities. All publications related to the Centennial released by each of the System Units on the Centennial will be collated and documented. The Committee will document all activities embarked on by all the other Committees. It will further come up with an annual media plan for articles that will be published in the national dailies. It was also recommended that a Centennial video covering the University and the Christian Brothers’ history, present endeavors, and future directions be prepared for publicity purposes. The video can be shown on national TV.